About Us

“So, how did I ask?”

As many of you already know, Susan’s favorite place in the world is the Big Island of Hawai’i. Naturally, this is where the question needed to be asked — even though it meant that she would have to wait a few extra months. Susan knew that I would be asking soon, but had no idea if it would be on the island, or if so, how or when it was to happen. I spent weeks calling to the island looking for this particular singer, named Kaleo, that I’d heard was the very best Hawaiian artist. Finally, just days before we flew out, I reached him, and the event was all planned.

On June 29,2012, while enjoying an absolutely perfect sunset at Hapuna Beach, unexpectedly (… to Susan, that is), a very friendly Hawaiian with a guitar set up a chair just a few uncomfortably-close feet away from us and began to play. A few minutes later he grabbed his ukulele, and began to walk toward us while singing Susan’s favorite song “Over the Rainbow” by IZ. (You have likely heard the song – if not, listen to it on our ‘home’ page.) By this time, it became clear to Susan what was happening. I asked her to stand, and then asked her to marry me. The surprise was all a bit overwhelming, so after I reminded her that she needed to provide some type of response, she said ‘Yes’. Our friend Kaleo helped to make this moment unforgettable. That’s him with us above. Naturally, he will be joining us again to sing at our wedding.

How we met…

The beach has always played a very important role in both of our lives so it is rather fitting that this is where our story begins. I met Michael on a Sunday afternoon in August of 2007, at North Avenue Beach in Chicago. Thanks to our friend Gerry, we were introduced at the end of a picture perfect summer weekend. It just so happened that the common thread was “Iowa” — Michael grew up there, and I was traveling there the next morning. After a lot of convincing by Michael and Gerry, I decided to join them, along with their friends Ted and Sheri, for an evening of dinner and drinks. Even though it would be two weeks until the next meeting, it was clear that both of us felt that this match was too good to pass up. It is simply amazing that it has been more than five years since that fateful day.

A look back through the years together…

ALT Attribute

Sound of the ocean soothes my restless soul.

Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole’s “White Sandy Beach of Hawaiʻi” from the album “Facing Future”.

Featuring “Over The Rainbow”, it is the first album of Hawaiian music, by any Hawaiian artist or group, to sell 1 million copies and be certified Platinum.