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Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

My family has been going to the Big Island of Hawaii since 1998. Ever since our first family trip, I knew that this place would always hold a very special place in my heart. Mauna Kea Beach was one of our family’s favorites for sun bathing, boogie boarding and relaxing. Over the years, I have watched countless wedding ceremonies take place on the North Point Lawn at Mauna Kea. Secretly I knew that this was the place I wanted to have my wedding.

When Michael first joined me for a vacation to the Big Island in May of 2011, I hoped that he too would connect with the island. Clearly he did, and we’ve managed to already go back a few more times.

Even before we began our search for the perfect wedding location, there was no question that the Mauna Kea would be the place that would hold the most meaning. If you are looking at the photo above, our Ceremony and Reception will both be located oceanside, on the edge of the property seen in the lower, left side of the image.

For those guests that would like to stay at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, please see the information below on how to book your rooms utilizing the special rate by mentioning the Klemt/Williams wedding. As a reminder, we will only be staying here in the Mauna Kea for the one night before our ceremony. For the remainder of our time on the island, will be staying in the condos at Kolea. Complete information can be found on the “Travel & Accommodations” page.

Our Ceremony

Our Ceremony will be outdoors on “North Pointe Lawn” just before sunset. Located on the north end of the hotel’s grounds, this beautiful site offers expansive views of the beach and Hawaii’s Kauna‘oa Bay. A lava stone patio serves as the stage for our wedding ceremony, while the adjacent lawn provides the area for our guests to be seated with ample shade from the setting sun. The temperature can vary at this time of the day, but is normally 80 degrees with moderate humidity, and a nice ocean breeze.

Our dress code is “Island Elegant”. As such, we rule out ball gowns and tuxedos completely. Just the same, let’s also rule out shorts. Gents, no need for a tie or even a jacket, unless worn in some hip and trendy new fashionable way. Chic sundresses for the ladies, slacks and a nice dress shirt for the guys. Light colors and natural linen or cotton fabrics always feel best on the island. If any doubts, just think “Aloha”, and dress comfortably.

Our Reception

The “Luau Grounds” is oceanside, just steps from our ceremony. This natural outdoor space is set among mature, sheltering trees and lush tropical flowers. It is an absolutely perfect place to view the beautiful colors in the sky courtesy of the setting sun. This is one of the most authentic Hawaiian venues of its kind on the Big Island. Temperatures are likely to be very pleasant, as it typically cools slightly after sunset. Ladies may want to bring a light cover-up for comfort.

Guests that would like to stay at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

We’re certain that you will enjoy this elegant, world-class resort. Please mention the Klemt/Williams wedding for information on available special rates. These same special rates will apply for the ‘sister’ resort, Hapuna Prince, which adjoins the property to the south. To check rates and availability:

Prince Resorts Hawaii Reservations: 866.774-6236

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The history of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

An idea for the island’s future… In 1960 Hawaii’s Governor William Quinn invited American venture capitalist Laurance S. Rockefeller to visit the Big Island and scout beachfront sites for potential resorts. A noted conservationist and lover of the outdoors, Mr. Rockefeller believed that buildings should conform to, not intrude on, beautiful natural surroundings. As they flew over the white sand crescent of Kauna‘oa Beach, Mr. Rockefeller asked if he could go in for a swim. From the water, he looked upslope at the towering summit of Mauna Kea and was inspired to create a great hotel that reflected the spirit of this special place.

A noted conservationist and lover of the outdoors, Mr. Rockefeller believed that buildings should conform to, not intrude on, the natural surroundings of a place. His original concept for The Mauna Kea luxury resort was a cluster of individual cottages along the beach-with no televisions or air-conditioning to interfere with the natural experience.

When it opened in 1965, The Mauna Kea was the most expensive hotel ever built at the time, at $15 million. Praised by travel writers and critics worldwide, the luxury resort hotel was named one of the “Three greatest hotels in the world” by Esquire magazine, one of “10 best buildings of 1966” by Fortune, and presented with an honors award by the American Institute of Architects.

Following an unprecedented $150 million renovation, the luxurious Mauna Kea Beach Hotel reopened in December 2008.

I will love you longer than forever, promise me that you will leave me never. This is the moment of sweet Aloha…

The 1926 love song written by Charles E. King for his operetta, “Prince of Hawaii” was originally entitled “Ke Kali Nei Au” — Hawaiian for ‘Waiting Here for You’. In 1958 the original Hawaiian words were translated into English, christening the song as the “Hawaiian Wedding Song”.

The biggest hit version of the song in the United States, recorded by Andy Williams and released as a single in 1959, went to #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Elvis Presley sang his version of the song in the 1961 film “Blue Hawaii”.